Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye, 2011

        Life isn't beautiful like shown in the movies. It doesn't end up in 3 hours span and formed with 45 scenes, 24 reels, some dialogues, some senti's. Life is a long boring journey. In those creep, the happiest moments for me are with the friends.

 First I have to tell you what makes me to share these words now. If it is not the time now, it will never, ever be. It was the same days of December, one year back. The winter gathering the fog in the air and it was also the golden earliest days of my job life and sometimes.... hanging out with the friends.

 I know, I have so much care for the people. But I need to know 'how much' will revert it. May be, I was stupid or it was ridiculous, I stopped to show my presence. Just I wanna be aside with the people. But not completely, because some of the people, I love, was there in the same list. Just I am in dilemma, whether to go for all the list or a few exemptions. I limited my care, just be in touch for a week through the messages.

 But due to one of my friend, the confusion was cleared. No exemptions. I was no more.

 I believe, people remember the friends in two cases. Firstly, in need and secondly with love. I don't want those first category guys. Thats the reason to make me and to take a such nasty decision. The decision was very strong. The strength of that decision makes me even to exterminate my hobby, to say b'day wishes. Only at the end of this month, I tried to say the wishes to some people, but never did before from starting of the year.

 It has been 365 days, 52 weeks, 24 hours and uncountable seconds in remebering the friends. I don't how could be the people live without get-in-touch with the friends, not even calling or messaging ?? Its really bearable for me to be like that. But finally, I tried in this year.
 So, what I gained finally is??

 A few regrets...!!! A few Realities...!! A few Lies.......!!!

 Of Course, Life had given me some friends in this mean time, knowing more to each other, that's enough for this year, but finally, I dumb.

This was the last lines for this year!! Every year I try to reform myself....... Hope for the coming year too!!
Whole heartily, inviting 2012!! 
Happy New Year!!!

Enjoy your beautiful days.........!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To my well-wisher...........!!!

           Life has a power to show you as a HER'o or a "zero". And at the same time, it makes the people left as a good enemy or a bad friend for you. It also has a strong ability to turn your enemy into a frnd. What cant be possible for 'time'?? I think, we have 2! possibilities between a friend and an enemy. It will always have a place.

          May be tomorrow, I wont get a chance to describe about my friend here. And I dont want to lose this oppurtunity too. I have been haunting for several days for a best topic to start, where this idea was aroused from 'his' friend utterance.

Here we go,

           I have to take you to my fifth standard to start my conversation. Oneday, I am searching for my Maths Text book, which was lost a few days ago. I had searched all along my house, my racks, every where. I am vey concern about my things in those days. I had lost only two books when i am doing schooling. Now so many. OK, whatever may be, it has been 10 days or more, i didnt find my book. Later, someone gave me a thought, search in the bags of our classmates. Thats the only option you had left to search the book. Taking granted permission from each one of the mates and started digging the bags.
         Almost done. Last bag has been left. By the gods grace. I found a book which resemble the same of my lost text book. I had asked my friend, Did you stolen my book? He said, its not yours, its mine. I irritated him and blamed him. In turn he made a harsh words towards me. This sensitive heart doesnt hold those ugly words. Chanted some curses and decided not to talk with him until for my another life time.

        Time has a inherent ability to reverse the things. So, many days rolled down. So many had changed. We are in touch and talking each other now. We had done our schooling. And we demons shared the same inter college. Days enjoyed will never remember. In the mean, completed our first year.

         I didnt know the reason, why we had a clash this time. but the fact is, we are not talking again. We became as a foe's living in the same castle. Following the list of Foe's rules...Turn the faces around when encountered each other, never should sit in the same bench, warning to frnds dont try to form the breaken bonds. Hmmm...List will not enough, if you care.
          We didnt talk to each other for several months until we met at the park on the last day of our inter college. Actually we trooped to take a snaps at some place. At that time, Park is the best hangout place for us. There, my frnds brushed the minds of ours, "This is the last day of out inter life. we dont know where we would be in the coming years". Those words lead to compromise. And that compromise cause the companion.

           I have to tell one thing here, in the above two occasions, 'only' I had initiated first to talk, but he never. From those, I had an assumption on him "He is an uncompromised guy", but my life taught me to compromise in every thing. this is also one of those bunch. but the impression had earthed deeply that this "pride guy doesn't suit me".

Years rolled down.

             One thing I need to share here from my life cross-ways. And of course I believe in that. 'Give a chance to others to know yourself. Its not the how many days, sorry years, we know them, its how much you made them to know about you'. I had a frnds since my nursery, but I cant make a conclusion about them, he is bad or he is good, because I dont know about them, simply I know them. Thats all.

            As said before, life has a magic spell, to make enemies into friends. Four hours, Just four hours, changed an impression on him. This pride guy attributions. I understand him, sorry his words. For the now, I had a buddy to share the things when I left all the frnds for test. Try to understand the people around you, nobody is such bad and nobody is so good.

          Finally this is for you and.........


Oh.. sorry, I didnt unveiled his name right??

He is ....... T. Srinivas

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never forgot the people, those who consoled me.

                           "The true friends came up when we are in bad situations". I heard it some where. But my knowledge doesn’t grow to such far.
                        It was the days when I used to play in the grounds. Of course it was in school. Whether it is destiny or my unlucky, I don’t know, I had seen the cat face in the early morning when I come to school. From there, I had injured with several wounds on the whole day. The wound again called me when I am playing in the ground. It was the big crash in the day. Fell from the slippery bench. My leg was hurt. No body cared. Of Course it's not the age for caring. Every one was busy ignoring me. Then my friend "Sirisha Rani" helped me to make me stand and made to sit on the bench. She made a word, still rolling in my ears "Whom had you seen in the early morning, you are playing with the unfortunate". That’s was my first consolation I remembered and never to forgot. It is being silly to hear, but I had seen the words of consolation first time when she spoke. That’s the reason, it got stuck in my memories. But it is really unfortunate to me now; she got married after our schooling and moved to another place. I never met her after that. When the old memories being run in my mind, by seeing greeting cards she gave me on occasions, I laughed and then cried, u nasty sister.

                  Then the second accolade should give to the friend "Satish". I didn’t remember the reason or the teacher, why he/she was beating me with the stick. But I remember, it severely pained my hands. I am rubbing my hands to belittle the pain and sat beside him. Water is rolling out in my eyes like a stream. "Don’t cry yar, I will see the end of him. How dare to beat you?” He tried to soothe me. It made me to laugh with the wet eyes for the slang he used. I don’t know man can laugh with the wet eyes, but he makes me to prove it. After the years rolled down, I don’t know whether he remember me or not, but I remember him and this incident.
                   Those are the two people I never forget those who consoled me. And there are only two peoples in my life to remember (for consoling me). After that, I never consoled by any others (I didn’t seen the such trueness/effectiveness in consolation) nor they never understood my grief. Now a day, people are very busy to look after themselves. Sometimes I scold Him, why u make me put up in this generation.  I missed the so called extinct love in the Giant families.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Changed my life!!

Other than friends/family, who else be in this world more important?? I cant give answer to this question. But for me, who else be the friend in my alone world. 
              Those are the days new to television set in my house. A 24 inch picture tube gathered a place in the corner to allure me. I forget this world in watching the shows. I am mad about this juke box. I skip the breakfast in the morning, lunch in the noon, supper in the evening. This is my daily routine for a few months.
              Dad tried to pluck those TV addiction at the bud stage. He restricted me in watching the shows. Only Sundays are allowable. I still remember the allowable shows in the restricted zone. The Jungle Book, The Mahabharath(Telugu Version)...and in the evening Super Ted(Comic show), Chitralahari... are my weekday routine... But I had find so many ways for my gratification.
           The adventurous shots in the movies captivated me most. I tried to implement those actions. In those days, there were no precautions like "Don't try this at home" or may be I am not aware of those precautioned words. I had deteriorated so many things in my account. So many scars on the body, but fortunately I had never hit with big crashes. every time the opposite things got crashed. This makes me a tag "A ridiculous guy" in my family. Of Course, later this guy turned into calm. I don't know when and why it was happened to me. Now totally calm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 16 years of struggle started....

I don’t remember my kindergarten days…Hence my memories started after my mind starts working to store. One day, a girl gets admitted into our school. Her father stood back to her started distributing the pairs of chocolates and biscuits to all the members in class. I don’t know whether my dad done like this. But its catch my mind to store the incident, where the class of discrimination starts. Later I came to know that we belong to class of middle.
            I am an ordinary ignorant child came to school every day, spend a long span of 8 hours in school, not knowing what we are learning nor the teachers tried to incept the knowledge, but the 8 hours spent in shouting, then return to house with a lot of energy to play. Of course, every ones’ hours in school will be same but here it changes after school for me.  I have only a few schedule times for play, because my dad doesn’t interested in sports nor with the neighbours/friends. He thought of that the people around are not fair. I have to return to home before he reaches home. I have not even chance to play the games on Sundays, because he will be in house. No friend will dare to come to house on those days.
            I remembered some of the days I had spent lonely, because I have only one friend named CHOWDARY, stays beside of my house, who is my first friend. When he wasn’t come to school, I am alone. I spend a few hours seeing the world from window.
            Do you think I am moody? No, I am full energetic child, but some thing had changed me. Do you know what it is??