Thursday, May 5, 2011

Changed my life!!

Other than friends/family, who else be in this world more important?? I cant give answer to this question. But for me, who else be the friend in my alone world. 
              Those are the days new to television set in my house. A 24 inch picture tube gathered a place in the corner to allure me. I forget this world in watching the shows. I am mad about this juke box. I skip the breakfast in the morning, lunch in the noon, supper in the evening. This is my daily routine for a few months.
              Dad tried to pluck those TV addiction at the bud stage. He restricted me in watching the shows. Only Sundays are allowable. I still remember the allowable shows in the restricted zone. The Jungle Book, The Mahabharath(Telugu Version)...and in the evening Super Ted(Comic show), Chitralahari... are my weekday routine... But I had find so many ways for my gratification.
           The adventurous shots in the movies captivated me most. I tried to implement those actions. In those days, there were no precautions like "Don't try this at home" or may be I am not aware of those precautioned words. I had deteriorated so many things in my account. So many scars on the body, but fortunately I had never hit with big crashes. every time the opposite things got crashed. This makes me a tag "A ridiculous guy" in my family. Of Course, later this guy turned into calm. I don't know when and why it was happened to me. Now totally calm.