Friday, August 24, 2012

My first b'day wish to a girl (through a phone)

Those were the times for me to make a call for the friends through Landlines. It would be a silly now but we had crossed it. Because, we are blessed as a witness for the prosperity of Tele Communications. A 1x1 sq-feet box covering a place in everyone's house to 6 inch covered in every one's hand.

And for a girl, it is not simple as to share the numbers with the boys compared to girls. Unless, if they have a freedom in their own house. But in those olden days, we have a friend, like even we can went to her house. As said, these words will be jovial but make it grant "Olden Days".

Here is the situation,

I didn't remember how I got her Land-line number, but it was the same day just rewind-ed back to 9 years. Time is about going to tick 9'o clock in the morning. I was utterly nervous. Even, I didn't find this nervousness for seeing my 10th class results. There were two guys in the race. Me and Srini. We had a deal, that we would call exactly by 9'o clock to her. I dialed the number which has 5 digits. Yes, previously we have 5 digits only. Later they added prefix '2'. That's why land line number contains 11 digits(with STD code).

I didn't know whether she picked for the first time itself. But we were in a call. Just said a wish "Happy Birthday" and a few more conclusions and confirmations. Hang down. That's it. I had done. Yes, really, I had done. But the thing is, my partner already wished before I called her. I lose the race.

No Problem, May be I lose, but this was engraved in my memory as "My first b'day wish to a girl through a phone". Of Course, from a Land line. Even, I got my mobile in 2007. This was happened in 2003.

Actually, I am not trying to wish her in this way. Just I want to memorize my first wish to her. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Haunting Memory

I exhausted as of now. That's all the memories I have with the people(School Mates). May be, it was few. But those were sweet. Hope I can share more, when those days are fished at any instant in my mind.

One thing I need to say, may be you(other than school mates) are jealous, the people that I love the most in this world are my tenth mates. Because they are my first crush. I never forget them and I never draw back my relation with them. But till end of my life, a regret will carry with me i.e., Missing Our Tenth Farewell. Do you know how I missed? I am sleeping at that time. Don't blame me, I have a reason. Actually the Farewell planned just one day before of our School Anniversary. Till the evening we dipped in the decorations to recuperate the glow of our school. I am almost tired by the evening. But I have a confidence I can manage myself. Because I don't want to miss those sweet days and its memories. I reached home at 6 in the evening. I don't know whether it was destiny, I am sleepy and ask my mom "wake me up in one hour. I need to go".  Just opened my eyes. The party starts at 7pm. Now the clock ticking at 9pm. I just cried. I missed.

We are not aware of cellphones in those days. No chance to call and ask. Just cursed my mom. Lately she said "I never disturb the sleeping people". The anger reached peek while listening those words. But the worse news is "The party started at 9 pm". Later I came to know, it was destiny.

I just cry, while seeing these photograph. I am not part of those memory. I know I am sentimental, but I am less often be placed in photographs. In those some, I missed the important one. That's my grieve.