Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Childhood friends!!

I used to rememeber only a few friends in my age of 5. First, I have to introduce CHOWDARY, who is a tenant beside my house. The Good / Average students will known by a few in a class, but the mischievous guy will even known by the principal. Chowdary is one of that type. An annoying person in the class for teachers. As everyone, I too known him as a wicked. Even he is tenant to my beside house, I never went to his house. But I used to remember him because he is different as normal and I first engaged. Thats all.

Next part should be given to Rajasekhar.B, I dont know nor even remember how I sticked to him. But still we are sticked. The only person, who never forgots to call on my birthday and first to be greet me, and always lovable. I remember once we have a big fight when we were studying 6th class. I wanna say only one thing about him, when all the world leaves me, still one person will wait for me. He is RAJASEKHAR.

The remaining part goes to Lenin, last but not least. I dont know how I fall-in for him. I just admire him in those days. But as my bad time, I missed him for 11 years. But in the time magic or by gods grace, we met again.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dedicated to Teachers!!

A teacher is not who simply taught you the lessons. Nor who gives you the home work and asks for the next day. If he so, he cant be the real.

In my life, I came across a few real ones. First of all I would thank to a madam, who changed my sculpture of writing. She had as my teacher before I poked my mind into this world. She is ROJA miss. Even I cant remember her face now. But she is my first teacher always remains. Because in every of word of mine, I  remember her. May be the thoughts was mine, but the colors added only with the shape of writings she taught me. But, She is one of the strict madam in my childhood. Still I can remember how would be the punishments. Once, I am Playing with the paper balls after the lunch hour. She thought as a sin, and made to bend on the knees in the hot sun till her class. As said, she back off before I came to know her.

A few years rolled down. It is the years, I came to know the taste of mathematics. Its really allured me. The taste would not be in the stuff, it is in the hands who made it. Sridevi madam, who taught us the mathematics from fifth/sixth class. I used to be very fast in calculation of problems. Before she teaches to the class, I screw it. She supported me in every step of my calculation. The real ones differs not in teaching, it is in supporting. But, she had moved to new place, when I am almost knowing this world.

The other one who had a place to depict here is Arvind sir. He is my Biology teacher. The student should not be excel only in the academics, but he has to be in every part. He has a new way of teaching; by seminars and he came with the innovative ideas for the science fair. We got the first prizes for his work. It is the first time for our school to bought the prizes. It is made by the Arvind sir. And how he remained special for me means, once he offered the students in a class for singing a song. Nobody raised. I too remained as everybody. But not after the few words about the fear he delivered. I sang a song from SANTHOSHAM movie. My first class performance. He unearthed my singing talent. I never feared after that about to sing in front of anyone. I had also taken a chance to sing when I used to take an English classes in my TEACHING FISH institute.

These are the three persons shown a new path in my life. One for writing, others for mathematics and singing. They didn't taught me the lessons, they taught me what I can do, what I have. I had found only three persons in that deteriorating generation, may be I can see only computers instead of persons in the coming ages.

Whatever may be, I closed my part and found three persons. I felt well to share these words and about these persons on this good day. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY.   

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Little memories!!

What am I now is completely, oppositely not as I'm before as a child. The rigid, pride child character. I thought I can do anything. Addiction of TV provoked me more in doing so many adventurous things. I felt I am a hero in my life. As every child thoughts, I am too enthusiastic in playing the games and lead the friends. But, my father restricted in every wrong path of mine.

Once I bunked the school and went to playing. Afterwards my father came to know about it by the principal of my school. He asked me, "where you had gone?". I remained silent as every sinner. He beat me three rounds with a long stick in front of my father. Neither he didn't stop nor console me later. I think that is the first punishment I remember in school. Of Course, may be it was the only first time in school, but not from the hands of my father. he just turned his round to the school principal. When I was not supposed to go the school on one morning, he made me to sit in the rickshaw without the short. Of Course my mother came next to me to wear the short. He is that strict. So finally, this iron reformed with the dad's fire. Otherwise, you cant see this writer now. Nor you hear these words.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Name!!

Nagabhushanam Nukala, 19 letters long comprising word. But I never hesitated to disclose my name or for pronouncing it. I don't care about my name unless peoples are not pronouncing it correctly. I like to call with my full name.

I have to say a small story, about how my parents picked this peculiar name to me.

But before that, I want you to take 25 years past and need to explain a few parts of my dad's life. "When I was 9 years old, my father sent me with his brother to SURAVARAM for farming the Mango trees. As he thought, I cant afford the money for my four sons' studies. So, I bent for the order even I was interested to study. I had seen all the corners in my life. I faced all the problems at the age of man cant. I know how hard it is. I only knows it. But at that time, my grand father taken an intensive care about me. Because he is the solo witness of my challenges. But he passed away soon, the only person cares about me in this world. At the time of funeral, I promised in myself, I will put your name for my first-born son."

This is the story my father used to say many times. Actually, it is only a small part. He used to share his life with us(me and my brother) at our small age. I heard nearly 100 times. But I never came to know the pain behind his words. May be, it is not the age of feelings. But, I found some of the letters in my dad's desk with his font written to his dad. The pain of his words came to know then.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Introduction

Twenty Two years before.....On the same day.... same date.... same month...

A lady was hardly bearing the pregnancy pains in the hospital..!!! Even her husband was not there at premises to forfeit the inner strength. The days were infant in communications. They don't know the communication mobiles will be a part for their next generations.. And it was a rainy and a holy-day VINAYAKA CHATHURDI...!!! 

A small kid was born with an enlarged eyes and weighs than normal new-born child but these became pointless behind his gender, a male one.

The news reached their parental side and a joyfulness aroused in the hearts at their side.

The journey of that small kid starts from the day.......

I'm "Nagabhushanam Nukala"