Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Little memories!!

What am I now is completely, oppositely not as I'm before as a child. The rigid, pride child character. I thought I can do anything. Addiction of TV provoked me more in doing so many adventurous things. I felt I am a hero in my life. As every child thoughts, I am too enthusiastic in playing the games and lead the friends. But, my father restricted in every wrong path of mine.

Once I bunked the school and went to playing. Afterwards my father came to know about it by the principal of my school. He asked me, "where you had gone?". I remained silent as every sinner. He beat me three rounds with a long stick in front of my father. Neither he didn't stop nor console me later. I think that is the first punishment I remember in school. Of Course, may be it was the only first time in school, but not from the hands of my father. he just turned his round to the school principal. When I was not supposed to go the school on one morning, he made me to sit in the rickshaw without the short. Of Course my mother came next to me to wear the short. He is that strict. So finally, this iron reformed with the dad's fire. Otherwise, you cant see this writer now. Nor you hear these words.