Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Childhood friends!!

I used to rememeber only a few friends in my age of 5. First, I have to introduce CHOWDARY, who is a tenant beside my house. The Good / Average students will known by a few in a class, but the mischievous guy will even known by the principal. Chowdary is one of that type. An annoying person in the class for teachers. As everyone, I too known him as a wicked. Even he is tenant to my beside house, I never went to his house. But I used to remember him because he is different as normal and I first engaged. Thats all.

Next part should be given to Rajasekhar.B, I dont know nor even remember how I sticked to him. But still we are sticked. The only person, who never forgots to call on my birthday and first to be greet me, and always lovable. I remember once we have a big fight when we were studying 6th class. I wanna say only one thing about him, when all the world leaves me, still one person will wait for me. He is RAJASEKHAR.

The remaining part goes to Lenin, last but not least. I dont know how I fall-in for him. I just admire him in those days. But as my bad time, I missed him for 11 years. But in the time magic or by gods grace, we met again.