Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Just I want to take you back again to my School days......
This one is around with the two people only and it is a small theft my friend has done.

Then what keeps you waiting... read here..

Those are the times and ages for the puzzles completion. My friend is collecting the word a BOOMER. It is a competition conducted by the chocolate company, as they said we need to collect each letter from the company product(each chocolate will have one letter) and need to send them. so, in return we will get a big gift from them.

Me and my friend +raja sekhar started collecting the letters. I have collected two letters and he collected three letters. It is our deal to collect the letter and will share the gift between us. We almost spend all the collected all or money what we have kept. We left around 10 or some change.
              We went to one shop to check our luck with our last coins. We took all the gums chocolate with all our money, but my friend had theft some more gums from the box. And put the gums chocolates in his shirt, as he wear the T-shirt in that day, it is easy for him to through the chocolates in it. But I am not aware of it. Even I don't think about it. But the shop keeper doubted us. He checked all our pockets for the traces. Nothing found and we left the shop.

Later my friend is saying I theft some gums chocolates and put in front of me. Nothing I said. we wrapped all our gums chocolates but we couldn't complete the full word. That is what I remember. But later he completed the full word and no gift we got in return.

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's all about birthday's.

From my 16th B'day to Nov 6th 2004:

I turned the pages of my diary. Those are the days, I started to jotting down the memories. The first a few pages filled with the old fragrance of my tenth mates.

The first few days has gone through like this:

My 16th Birthday:
As usual, my birthday celebrations are always insipid. Due to my mom's conventions, we should not cut/eat the cake in those august month and dad make it so simple. Do you know, till my Engineering, I never cut the cake. The first time I cut the cake is after my engineering. For this, I need to thank my cousin +Venkata Pavan Kanchanapalli. Later I will keep post in detail. But this is my second birthday, which I didn't celebrate. I don't know, why I didn't celebrate. But at that time, we were in full deficit of money due to the new house in my home town. But anyway, it was a nice experience and a few warm wishes from my buddies.

+raja sekhar
He also didn't celebrate that year. I feel very bad about him. He is also in some troubles at that time. We are in the same boat actually.

+Nazia Touseef:
And also those are the days, I started to present the gifts to my friends on their birthdays. Of Course, I hadn't bought any gifts with the money, I made it myself with some old stuff. But I get a gift for her with my money. I don't know, whether she remembers it or not.

+Bhavani Bannu :
I don't know how to make my wishes reach her. But I try my level best to do that. With the friend of mine, I conveyed my wishes to her. Thanks to that girl. +Uma Penmathsa.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Undelivered Letter, actually it was not posted.

It was my intermediate days. I am almost hanging with the friends other than my tenth mates in bus. There was no old rum in that bottle. A new friends came in life and we are on our own way to mingle.

The best part I like in my intermediate is I used to go in the small bus called as Maxi Cab. That specially covers the very small villages and gathers of all such persons in this small bus. we can count the members in a bus. I remember it is 16 members capacity, out of which I used to hang up all the guys, I am very far apart from the gals.

It is a normal day. We are waiting for the cab. Every day it should be in the campus before last bell. But it never on time. And I liked that. It has been another 15 min. Actually I was late from the college. When I reached the college end gate, an old memories stuck in the air. Sulthana and Priya, were in the bus. I don't know the reason why they were in the bus.  But I am happy seeing them. Actually I was excited for two things. Today the new maxi cab take the place of old one due to some engine problem. And the new cab fills with the old friends is the super excited one.

I hanged up with the cab mates for the some time and reached old friends. we conversed for some time. I didn't remember the conversations. But in some where of the part of the conversation, there is a discussion about a Letter, sent by Koppaka/Sulthana to Madhu or vice-versa. Really, I didn't remember. But finally I have the address of Madhu in my hand.

I determined to write a post(letter) once in my life time. Actually my sister was inspiration for that. And I read in some papers the friendship bonding's in letters. I tried to start a letter on one fine day to Madhu. It completed successfully. I scribbled normal conversation, as it is a first letter.

But still I donno the reason why I haven't posted that letter to Madhu. But it is a good memory to share now. This is my gift for her birthday.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sri Rama Navami

It's one of my favorite holy-day in the list. It is not because of its divine, but on this day, we all the family members meet in our grandi' town. Every year, its our mundane, to gather at "Moturu".

We gather at the place by early morning. Neatly dressed after the head bath's. We all will ready by before noon. Actually we have plenty of time before the Seetha Raman Kalyanam starts in the temple. There is one custom in our home town that after the Talambrahalu session has completed in the Bhadrachalam, we need to start the kalyanam in temple of the Moturu. It is after the famous temple Bhadrachalam, usually called as "Apara Bhadradri".

The town is so devoted to the Lord Sri Rama. Every year has adding new colors to the occasion. The Kalyanam starts at the noon and lasts for at least 3 hours.

We, kids, usually completes our darshanam and return to the Home by Lunch time. The elder one of the kids will serve first the other people and finally we serves them back. Actually in our family, girls are the elder ones. we survived. hehehe. Just kidding. Anyway, we love each other.

It is the best part of this day now. The only day, we, kids, ask our parents for money with a little pride. We will collect the amount to spend on that day. As it is a giant family, we have a good collection. I think, we got around 150 per head at that time. We handed all over the money to the elder kid and they lead us to the "Theertham", it is a market where playing items sold.

We have some set of items we usually go every year.... like Rangula Ratnam(giant wheel), Ice-creams, Shooting and finally our common gift to present to our grandi. We often spend little on the toys. But we never missed out the gift to our grandi.

Finally we close our day by handing the gift. Later we packed to move our ways back.

But we grown up and moved to different places. Still, I love to go there on this day, wherever I am, as I little blessed than other. Any way, I hope those days will come back again.

Dear cousin's, I want to meet to you soon and I need your love to pour on me.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's End...

I have enough memories to share with you all. I have successfully shared my love/care/friendship/my doubts/my feelings about you(school mates) in these (old) posts. Hope it never hurt anybody. If it so, I am sorry.

Truly speaking, I was never lucky to extent my deep friendship with you while our schooling. Basically, my life has designed like that. But after 6 years, He only given a chance to replenish my best relations with get2gather party. At least some of them me know as a good friend. Hehehehe.

At last, an ordinary friend gained some place in your hearts. Hope you people gave a good room for me. Hmmm.. My only wish is, just I wanna be with you forever. Never hesitate to call me and share the experiences. I am always welcome to pick your call. Appreciate for the mails or messages.

I would like to continue these relations for the coming days. See how idiotic/sentimental I am.

Now you may have a doubt, why this guy saying good bye messages now. Since from so many days I have been struggling whether I need to move further. But life is like we need to take on what we have.Coming to the point, my part with you was completed. I have shared enough things which I remembered. Now I need to move my another part.

And from now, my posts will move further with my intermediate fellows. But the good news is, some of them have been there with me after my schooling. Hope, this is the best thing for me.

See you in further pages. And you are good hear my further posts.

Nagabhushanam Nukala

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Same Day - The Bad News followed by a Good News.

Dated - Feb 14, 2012

May be, this day fills some of the hearts with a joy, but for me, it’s just a "Black Day". It was the same day for me in routine, I just woke up as usual. This single heart does not seem for a special one for its (special) day. Because, I was happy for some other thing, my next step in my career is on the building stage. All the rounds were completed for the new company and I am eagerly waiting for their acceptance. The final round has also been completed.

Even though I went to the Office, my mind is spinning with the positive and negative thoughts; my eyes are searching for the reply mail from the company, my ears are waiting for their call. Later, my patience got dried as time runs on its track.

The time almost got ticked to 5 pm. I am in a hurry on the way to home. I left office before than usual.

All of a sudden, My Mobile is roaring in the pockets. The letters DAD alerted me. But he conveyed me with the bad news “Nanamma Chanipoyindhira”,(which happened around 5:30 pm). The mind has stopped working as it hit with a shock. Really it’s a bad news for me. I can’t explain here my grief. I have no words to speak. I have no air to breath.

Those two words got stuck, which are unable to escape from my mind. With the same mind, I started to my Home Town.

I got a call from my Dad today at the same time(5.30 pm), we remembered this day. How would we forget?

Later one or more days, I got a good news, “I am Selected”. But in the appointment letter, the day of acceptance was on 14th Feb, that same day. Actually, it was delayed by 2 days.

Even after changing to the new place, those memories surrounded my brain. It never left me alone, the alone bought the memories, grief and little drops from my eyes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hero by Night

               12 years of my schooling never carved a mark about me. Even, I didn’t make a mark too. But in the time crossways, I stood as a Hero before them. I want to compare my position with a small story. Of Course, we already heard this story in our Intermediate. But I want to narrate myself in my words.
                A small boy living in a small town, who is very fear about the dark. Every day, he sleeps beside his mother. But there is one day, where he needs to sleep alone. The author narrated well about his feelings for every second he spent in the dark. But at the end of the story, a thief entered into his house, mistakenly, our small boy caught the thief. But intentionally, he didn’t catch the thief; he was feared about the shadow behind the window. It went for peak when the thief entered into the house. When almost the thief reached his bed, he just jumps and bites him. But on the next day, he became hero as he caught the notorious criminal.
                Same as the small boy, I crowned as a Hero in front of my pals after the first get2gather. Even though, the idea was aroused from me & Suresh, the success behind the first get2gether, (Of course, everything we scheduled) has to be shared with each and every-one. Because, every one was part of them for its success. And, Of course, after that I am promising my position as stable because of only one of my attribute, i.e., my love towards them that keeps contact with them. That is helped for the later successful get2gathers.
                 And at the same time, this span of get2gathers, I am arousing newly every time and all my positives and negatives are getting listed in my mind, i.e., all about myself. But, my only question to all(Tenth mates) is "Does it creating love/care on me or to my position?". Because, every time, I am standing as a Manager(as you call) and at the same time, I am losing myself, my personal identity. I can explain in a small example, people ask me, they put a word on me, "gather our friends for my marriage". Finally, this little confusion digging in my mind from so many days...!!!!!!