Monday, July 1, 2013

It's all about birthday's.

From my 16th B'day to Nov 6th 2004:

I turned the pages of my diary. Those are the days, I started to jotting down the memories. The first a few pages filled with the old fragrance of my tenth mates.

The first few days has gone through like this:

My 16th Birthday:
As usual, my birthday celebrations are always insipid. Due to my mom's conventions, we should not cut/eat the cake in those august month and dad make it so simple. Do you know, till my Engineering, I never cut the cake. The first time I cut the cake is after my engineering. For this, I need to thank my cousin +Venkata Pavan Kanchanapalli. Later I will keep post in detail. But this is my second birthday, which I didn't celebrate. I don't know, why I didn't celebrate. But at that time, we were in full deficit of money due to the new house in my home town. But anyway, it was a nice experience and a few warm wishes from my buddies.

+raja sekhar
He also didn't celebrate that year. I feel very bad about him. He is also in some troubles at that time. We are in the same boat actually.

+Nazia Touseef:
And also those are the days, I started to present the gifts to my friends on their birthdays. Of Course, I hadn't bought any gifts with the money, I made it myself with some old stuff. But I get a gift for her with my money. I don't know, whether she remembers it or not.

+Bhavani Bannu :
I don't know how to make my wishes reach her. But I try my level best to do that. With the friend of mine, I conveyed my wishes to her. Thanks to that girl. +Uma Penmathsa.