Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Undelivered Letter, actually it was not posted.

It was my intermediate days. I am almost hanging with the friends other than my tenth mates in bus. There was no old rum in that bottle. A new friends came in life and we are on our own way to mingle.

The best part I like in my intermediate is I used to go in the small bus called as Maxi Cab. That specially covers the very small villages and gathers of all such persons in this small bus. we can count the members in a bus. I remember it is 16 members capacity, out of which I used to hang up all the guys, I am very far apart from the gals.

It is a normal day. We are waiting for the cab. Every day it should be in the campus before last bell. But it never on time. And I liked that. It has been another 15 min. Actually I was late from the college. When I reached the college end gate, an old memories stuck in the air. Sulthana and Priya, were in the bus. I don't know the reason why they were in the bus.  But I am happy seeing them. Actually I was excited for two things. Today the new maxi cab take the place of old one due to some engine problem. And the new cab fills with the old friends is the super excited one.

I hanged up with the cab mates for the some time and reached old friends. we conversed for some time. I didn't remember the conversations. But in some where of the part of the conversation, there is a discussion about a Letter, sent by Koppaka/Sulthana to Madhu or vice-versa. Really, I didn't remember. But finally I have the address of Madhu in my hand.

I determined to write a post(letter) once in my life time. Actually my sister was inspiration for that. And I read in some papers the friendship bonding's in letters. I tried to start a letter on one fine day to Madhu. It completed successfully. I scribbled normal conversation, as it is a first letter.

But still I donno the reason why I haven't posted that letter to Madhu. But it is a good memory to share now. This is my gift for her birthday.