Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sri Rama Navami

It's one of my favorite holy-day in the list. It is not because of its divine, but on this day, we all the family members meet in our grandi' town. Every year, its our mundane, to gather at "Moturu".

We gather at the place by early morning. Neatly dressed after the head bath's. We all will ready by before noon. Actually we have plenty of time before the Seetha Raman Kalyanam starts in the temple. There is one custom in our home town that after the Talambrahalu session has completed in the Bhadrachalam, we need to start the kalyanam in temple of the Moturu. It is after the famous temple Bhadrachalam, usually called as "Apara Bhadradri".

The town is so devoted to the Lord Sri Rama. Every year has adding new colors to the occasion. The Kalyanam starts at the noon and lasts for at least 3 hours.

We, kids, usually completes our darshanam and return to the Home by Lunch time. The elder one of the kids will serve first the other people and finally we serves them back. Actually in our family, girls are the elder ones. we survived. hehehe. Just kidding. Anyway, we love each other.

It is the best part of this day now. The only day, we, kids, ask our parents for money with a little pride. We will collect the amount to spend on that day. As it is a giant family, we have a good collection. I think, we got around 150 per head at that time. We handed all over the money to the elder kid and they lead us to the "Theertham", it is a market where playing items sold.

We have some set of items we usually go every year.... like Rangula Ratnam(giant wheel), Ice-creams, Shooting and finally our common gift to present to our grandi. We often spend little on the toys. But we never missed out the gift to our grandi.

Finally we close our day by handing the gift. Later we packed to move our ways back.

But we grown up and moved to different places. Still, I love to go there on this day, wherever I am, as I little blessed than other. Any way, I hope those days will come back again.

Dear cousin's, I want to meet to you soon and I need your love to pour on me.