Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and My "Longing" feeling....!!!

Though, I had given the name "This is I'm" to my blog and tried to start to post, what I am. But in the middle of my posts, I am totally deviated and the posts were composed of my memories. It happened deliberately. I am not blaming myself, that I done a mistake.... because I am composed of only experiences and it impacts...!!! That's all I have..!!

But in practical, I should leave my feelings like Longing, Pining or "Viraham" as my 'Big B' said. But I am not aware of how to get of this. Because, the feelings spread all over my body not in some parts of my brain. See, still I am in the same mood. This kind of nostalgic about my beloved ones never leaving me.

OK.. whatever may be..!! I am here to share some interesting facts about me and 'things' which I got hereditary.

It was happened a few days ago, I am in a call with my Big B.......

I never know, I can inscribe my feelings in words. There is no way for expecting a root, because my dad is not educated. You may ask, the art may come in middle. But I never used to write these things. But, after the call I came to know that I had taken this attributes from my grand father. Even, the feeling of "viraham" also took from my Grand Father. He was also a great writer in expressing his feelings and ever floats in a feeling of longing. Finally the root for my feelings is known. So, there is no blame upon me. It was inherited from my fore fathers. So, don't put a blame on me from now. 

But taken into reality, I should not be like this. As my Bro said, I am trying to get out of it. Trying to live in practicality. The only thing I am doing this, by keeping my mind busy with other things rather than this nostalgic feelings.

But sorry for this time, unless I prepare my mind to it, I can't help to get this writer out. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

First Overseas.....not seas, may be "places"

Since my childhood, I like travels. Of Course, still it is. But, one of the best, popping out now from my mind is a trip to "Science Fair", scheduled in Tadepalligudem for 3 days. It is best to say as my first from schooling.

Actually, still to the end, I am out of box. I had never expected, I'll be in. But, It happened......

2003, 'Fall' Starts.....

Everybody is rushy. Spending only a half day in a school. We are not busy in preparing exams. We are innovating something to show for the presentation. Of course, it would be a mistake without reminding him for starting this conversation. He is Arvind Sir, our mentor, NS teacher. He is leading the groups. At last, he divided into 5 groups. Siva Sravani and Naga Lakshmi; Sudheer and Me; Swamy and Karthick; Kishore and Sameer and Swathi and Madhuri.

But initially it was not 5 groups. There is every where scattering of persons, where I am out of box there. I am just a helper in making the required things. We spent half our days of a month in preparing the things and remaining for our studies. Almost done, we came up with 5 things. Everything and everyone fits for the 4 groups. Almost at the last, the partner for the Sudheer raised his both of the hands. There I am predecessor of some one. Finally I am in. But the thing is, I didn't remember the guy for whom I had been replaced.

It is my first place where I had spent for the first time somewhere a miles away from my home, Somewhere which wouldn't be like a home. But first is first.

Day 1: I scared of the buildings, which not yet completed, only seeing a pillars at the edges like a skeleton for a future building. They allotted room for us. Separate for boys and girls. Just we took a rest for a day.

Day 2: Setting up our equipments at the allotted stall. For us, its not a big deal. Sorry, I didn't say about my project right?? It is a natural pesticide, called Vermi Culture. Hardly, an aquarium containing the vermi's and some natural things. Its not related to technical too. For us the good thing is, another batch(Naga Lakshmi and Siva Sravani) got a place next to us.

First day, I hope we did nothing. Some of small kids came(Of Course, I too) and see the stall and goes. Nobody dared to ask about it nor amused for the vermi culture.

Day 3 : Kids are coming to our stalls. Not for the vermi culture, we add an enticing thing besides our huge box, a fish tank with a set of Red Gold Fish. It created an enthusiasm why they kept this tank.

I hope we did good for today. At Nights, they arranged programs for entertainment.

Day 4 : Nothing bad. And it is the final day and best project will be announced. I never hope, we would stand in first place. Same as hoped.

But these are not the memories.... Just, I sketched the situation for you.

Here they are..... I am not good at English, I know that. But I need to skip myself. Of Course, until my partner is there, I have no problem. But there is a time, I'll be alone. What I need to do then? Ran away Or try some how to manage. But the second thing doesn't fit for me. Hardly, I managed for one day after I catches some words from my partner. In every time, I just say to Siva Sravani, to keep an eye on our stall.

And we spend the days hardly in in-completed Buildings. No necessary needs. No good food. Not even a water to drink when need. And after all, it is winter. The only best part is we sat together(boys and girls) at Lunch and Dinner; entertainment refreshments at the nights. And a simple walk after the dinner. Later, we just leave our way to rooms. And for me, I mean most of the time, I spend with music, from a walk-man gadget of Madhuri's.

But the co-incidence is, after my first counseling of Engineering, I got the seat in the same college. Until now, I don't know the name of it. It is SASI ENGINEERING COLLGE. But, later, I changed to another college from the last counseling.

That is my first overseas.....