Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's End...

I have enough memories to share with you all. I have successfully shared my love/care/friendship/my doubts/my feelings about you(school mates) in these (old) posts. Hope it never hurt anybody. If it so, I am sorry.

Truly speaking, I was never lucky to extent my deep friendship with you while our schooling. Basically, my life has designed like that. But after 6 years, He only given a chance to replenish my best relations with get2gather party. At least some of them me know as a good friend. Hehehehe.

At last, an ordinary friend gained some place in your hearts. Hope you people gave a good room for me. Hmmm.. My only wish is, just I wanna be with you forever. Never hesitate to call me and share the experiences. I am always welcome to pick your call. Appreciate for the mails or messages.

I would like to continue these relations for the coming days. See how idiotic/sentimental I am.

Now you may have a doubt, why this guy saying good bye messages now. Since from so many days I have been struggling whether I need to move further. But life is like we need to take on what we have.Coming to the point, my part with you was completed. I have shared enough things which I remembered. Now I need to move my another part.

And from now, my posts will move further with my intermediate fellows. But the good news is, some of them have been there with me after my schooling. Hope, this is the best thing for me.

See you in further pages. And you are good hear my further posts.

Nagabhushanam Nukala