Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hero by Night

               12 years of my schooling never carved a mark about me. Even, I didn’t make a mark too. But in the time crossways, I stood as a Hero before them. I want to compare my position with a small story. Of Course, we already heard this story in our Intermediate. But I want to narrate myself in my words.
                A small boy living in a small town, who is very fear about the dark. Every day, he sleeps beside his mother. But there is one day, where he needs to sleep alone. The author narrated well about his feelings for every second he spent in the dark. But at the end of the story, a thief entered into his house, mistakenly, our small boy caught the thief. But intentionally, he didn’t catch the thief; he was feared about the shadow behind the window. It went for peak when the thief entered into the house. When almost the thief reached his bed, he just jumps and bites him. But on the next day, he became hero as he caught the notorious criminal.
                Same as the small boy, I crowned as a Hero in front of my pals after the first get2gather. Even though, the idea was aroused from me & Suresh, the success behind the first get2gether, (Of course, everything we scheduled) has to be shared with each and every-one. Because, every one was part of them for its success. And, Of course, after that I am promising my position as stable because of only one of my attribute, i.e., my love towards them that keeps contact with them. That is helped for the later successful get2gathers.
                 And at the same time, this span of get2gathers, I am arousing newly every time and all my positives and negatives are getting listed in my mind, i.e., all about myself. But, my only question to all(Tenth mates) is "Does it creating love/care on me or to my position?". Because, every time, I am standing as a Manager(as you call) and at the same time, I am losing myself, my personal identity. I can explain in a small example, people ask me, they put a word on me, "gather our friends for my marriage". Finally, this little confusion digging in my mind from so many days...!!!!!!