Saturday, December 8, 2012


Am I finally succeed? Are you satisfied? Same question, if someone posed to you, when you are drawing a few thousand bucks from your card monthly and spending 12 hours daily in front of a system, doing some scrap work. What is your answer or at least self check by yourself?

But I have faced both, one after the other. I didn't understand what I need to say when the same thing posed by my Big B? Its a war between a dream and its success.

Here we go.....

I remember one saying from my childhood. Now it screwing up my mind and make me sleepless from the past a few days.

"Set a Goal. Strive for Success"

At that time, I didn't ask a question what is 'Success'. If somebody asks me now, I can't tell. Because, I never dream about my goal. Now it is a time to set a goal for me. Not only for me, for every one. I am sharing you my experience that was happened a few days back.

I stayed late before the day in Office till 2 pm midnight. It is hard for me to recuperate the next day with the same energy I have the day before. I am late for the day, skipped the sun rise. Now I am in a hurry, to start to my office. Just when about to start, I had a call. He is 'Future' side of mine.

Just we spoke for nearly one and half hour. Later I self checked "what is my Goal?". Its screwing my mind after that conversation. Yes, probably, I have some set of goals either short or long but I never take it serious. Yes, I don't have a FIRE. But badly, I am a person of fate believer. If I come across the chance, I will never lose it. I try my better part of me and left the result for the Fate. But, after the conversion in the call, I need to re-arrange the setting parts of my mind.

But finally I am asking one small favor from my Big B. Yes, I have a FIRE. But it is not helping me to reach my dreams. Please spill out some oil, to catch my dreams. I need an equivalent amount that how much care(you have) on me.