Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Just I want to take you back again to my School days......
This one is around with the two people only and it is a small theft my friend has done.

Then what keeps you waiting... read here..

Those are the times and ages for the puzzles completion. My friend is collecting the word a BOOMER. It is a competition conducted by the chocolate company, as they said we need to collect each letter from the company product(each chocolate will have one letter) and need to send them. so, in return we will get a big gift from them.

Me and my friend +raja sekhar started collecting the letters. I have collected two letters and he collected three letters. It is our deal to collect the letter and will share the gift between us. We almost spend all the collected all or money what we have kept. We left around 10 or some change.
              We went to one shop to check our luck with our last coins. We took all the gums chocolate with all our money, but my friend had theft some more gums from the box. And put the gums chocolates in his shirt, as he wear the T-shirt in that day, it is easy for him to through the chocolates in it. But I am not aware of it. Even I don't think about it. But the shop keeper doubted us. He checked all our pockets for the traces. Nothing found and we left the shop.

Later my friend is saying I theft some gums chocolates and put in front of me. Nothing I said. we wrapped all our gums chocolates but we couldn't complete the full word. That is what I remember. But later he completed the full word and no gift we got in return.