Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 16 years of struggle started....

I don’t remember my kindergarten days…Hence my memories started after my mind starts working to store. One day, a girl gets admitted into our school. Her father stood back to her started distributing the pairs of chocolates and biscuits to all the members in class. I don’t know whether my dad done like this. But its catch my mind to store the incident, where the class of discrimination starts. Later I came to know that we belong to class of middle.
            I am an ordinary ignorant child came to school every day, spend a long span of 8 hours in school, not knowing what we are learning nor the teachers tried to incept the knowledge, but the 8 hours spent in shouting, then return to house with a lot of energy to play. Of course, every ones’ hours in school will be same but here it changes after school for me.  I have only a few schedule times for play, because my dad doesn’t interested in sports nor with the neighbours/friends. He thought of that the people around are not fair. I have to return to home before he reaches home. I have not even chance to play the games on Sundays, because he will be in house. No friend will dare to come to house on those days.
            I remembered some of the days I had spent lonely, because I have only one friend named CHOWDARY, stays beside of my house, who is my first friend. When he wasn’t come to school, I am alone. I spend a few hours seeing the world from window.
            Do you think I am moody? No, I am full energetic child, but some thing had changed me. Do you know what it is??