Friday, August 24, 2012

My first b'day wish to a girl (through a phone)

Those were the times for me to make a call for the friends through Landlines. It would be a silly now but we had crossed it. Because, we are blessed as a witness for the prosperity of Tele Communications. A 1x1 sq-feet box covering a place in everyone's house to 6 inch covered in every one's hand.

And for a girl, it is not simple as to share the numbers with the boys compared to girls. Unless, if they have a freedom in their own house. But in those olden days, we have a friend, like even we can went to her house. As said, these words will be jovial but make it grant "Olden Days".

Here is the situation,

I didn't remember how I got her Land-line number, but it was the same day just rewind-ed back to 9 years. Time is about going to tick 9'o clock in the morning. I was utterly nervous. Even, I didn't find this nervousness for seeing my 10th class results. There were two guys in the race. Me and Srini. We had a deal, that we would call exactly by 9'o clock to her. I dialed the number which has 5 digits. Yes, previously we have 5 digits only. Later they added prefix '2'. That's why land line number contains 11 digits(with STD code).

I didn't know whether she picked for the first time itself. But we were in a call. Just said a wish "Happy Birthday" and a few more conclusions and confirmations. Hang down. That's it. I had done. Yes, really, I had done. But the thing is, my partner already wished before I called her. I lose the race.

No Problem, May be I lose, but this was engraved in my memory as "My first b'day wish to a girl through a phone". Of Course, from a Land line. Even, I got my mobile in 2007. This was happened in 2003.

Actually, I am not trying to wish her in this way. Just I want to memorize my first wish to her.