Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never forgot the people, those who consoled me.

                           "The true friends came up when we are in bad situations". I heard it some where. But my knowledge doesn’t grow to such far.
                        It was the days when I used to play in the grounds. Of course it was in school. Whether it is destiny or my unlucky, I don’t know, I had seen the cat face in the early morning when I come to school. From there, I had injured with several wounds on the whole day. The wound again called me when I am playing in the ground. It was the big crash in the day. Fell from the slippery bench. My leg was hurt. No body cared. Of Course it's not the age for caring. Every one was busy ignoring me. Then my friend "Sirisha Rani" helped me to make me stand and made to sit on the bench. She made a word, still rolling in my ears "Whom had you seen in the early morning, you are playing with the unfortunate". That’s was my first consolation I remembered and never to forgot. It is being silly to hear, but I had seen the words of consolation first time when she spoke. That’s the reason, it got stuck in my memories. But it is really unfortunate to me now; she got married after our schooling and moved to another place. I never met her after that. When the old memories being run in my mind, by seeing greeting cards she gave me on occasions, I laughed and then cried, u nasty sister.

                  Then the second accolade should give to the friend "Satish". I didn’t remember the reason or the teacher, why he/she was beating me with the stick. But I remember, it severely pained my hands. I am rubbing my hands to belittle the pain and sat beside him. Water is rolling out in my eyes like a stream. "Don’t cry yar, I will see the end of him. How dare to beat you?” He tried to soothe me. It made me to laugh with the wet eyes for the slang he used. I don’t know man can laugh with the wet eyes, but he makes me to prove it. After the years rolled down, I don’t know whether he remember me or not, but I remember him and this incident.
                   Those are the two people I never forget those who consoled me. And there are only two peoples in my life to remember (for consoling me). After that, I never consoled by any others (I didn’t seen the such trueness/effectiveness in consolation) nor they never understood my grief. Now a day, people are very busy to look after themselves. Sometimes I scold Him, why u make me put up in this generation.  I missed the so called extinct love in the Giant families.