Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye, 2011

        Life isn't beautiful like shown in the movies. It doesn't end up in 3 hours span and formed with 45 scenes, 24 reels, some dialogues, some senti's. Life is a long boring journey. In those creep, the happiest moments for me are with the friends.

 First I have to tell you what makes me to share these words now. If it is not the time now, it will never, ever be. It was the same days of December, one year back. The winter gathering the fog in the air and it was also the golden earliest days of my job life and sometimes.... hanging out with the friends.

 I know, I have so much care for the people. But I need to know 'how much' will revert it. May be, I was stupid or it was ridiculous, I stopped to show my presence. Just I wanna be aside with the people. But not completely, because some of the people, I love, was there in the same list. Just I am in dilemma, whether to go for all the list or a few exemptions. I limited my care, just be in touch for a week through the messages.

 But due to one of my friend, the confusion was cleared. No exemptions. I was no more.

 I believe, people remember the friends in two cases. Firstly, in need and secondly with love. I don't want those first category guys. Thats the reason to make me and to take a such nasty decision. The decision was very strong. The strength of that decision makes me even to exterminate my hobby, to say b'day wishes. Only at the end of this month, I tried to say the wishes to some people, but never did before from starting of the year.

 It has been 365 days, 52 weeks, 24 hours and uncountable seconds in remebering the friends. I don't how could be the people live without get-in-touch with the friends, not even calling or messaging ?? Its really bearable for me to be like that. But finally, I tried in this year.
 So, what I gained finally is??

 A few regrets...!!! A few Realities...!! A few Lies.......!!!

 Of Course, Life had given me some friends in this mean time, knowing more to each other, that's enough for this year, but finally, I dumb.

This was the last lines for this year!! Every year I try to reform myself....... Hope for the coming year too!!
Whole heartily, inviting 2012!! 
Happy New Year!!!

Enjoy your beautiful days.........!!!