Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Crush....!!

"Love isn't a choice, most people that fall in love don't choose to, it just happens.

What is LOVE?
In Math: A Problem
In History : A War
In Chemistry : A Reaction
In Art : A Heart
For Me : ???

I had copied these words from some where, because I don't know what is "Love"? And how it would be?

Oh..Crap....!! I am talking about crush!! Right?
Just digresses, whenever this word (love) comes into scene!! hehehe!!

What ever, finally, I am out!!

OK! Lets start,

        It is the age of my 10's. I had a small and little love(I call it as 'Crush' for my comfort) that ended after a few days.

       Hmm.... There may be no love in some ones life, but at least a crush in one's own life. I had one of it. A girl resides next to my house, where she looks like an angel at his age. I don't know even her name. But crazy heart disturbed at her glance.

       Day 1: I am playing in the lobby of my house. I am trying to catch the heights of our house wall. Of Course that's the only wall divides our house from the besides one. My aim is to crawl and stay there by hanging to the wall. I had tried nearly 15 to 20 times. Still not succeed. But I am trying for my aim seriously. Hurrah!! At last, I catch the wall.
                       There, at that moment, hanging with the wall,. I had stayed reluctantly there itself even I cant withstand like that. The eyes got cross-looked for sometime. Then I fell down.
                      Again tried to catch the wall with the support beneath of my legs. This time, I talked with her. But, I don't remember those words.

       Day 2 : I didn't know whether I had slept before night after seen her. But the next day, I had tried to see her. But, she doesn't came.

       Day 3 : Eyes are searching for her.

                               Then as usual.............!!! I am back to my work...!!!

 I am not saying, that I loved her. But the one of the great arts of the god, make me stand still and crashed me. That's all.........!!!

Later, the I fell in love with the cine actresses......My first love with "Revathi".. she is very chubby...!! Then for Reema sen,  after the movie of Manasantha Nuvve....!!! Now Sreya and Samantha...........!!!