Saturday, March 24, 2012

Promises to my parents..!!

         Before you want know what are the promises I had given to my parents, I need to tell you a small story....that hauled me to the promises.

         Its a common day, I had returned back from the school as usual. My mom fired a straight question at me, "Did you steal the money from the locker?". No, I didn't, I said. Tell me the truth, she raged. No, I didn't, Its my answer. For the curiosity, I asked "how much?". Its nearly about three thousand or more. Until, that time, I am just a pilfer. It will never cross 10 or 15 rupees. But, this was a huge amount(for me). Of course, I know, I am not the thief.

          Next day was a Sunday, my dad rolled the same questions on me, "Did you took the money?". I just got frustrated, how can I prove my candidness. I had tried all the ways, but no use. They used all the weapons(Sama, Dana, Bedha, Dandopayam) on me, even the last one. But my answer is NO... ITS NOT ME.

          Nearly, it had gone for around 15 days. Its became my daily routine to answer them. I am not the one..... really, I am not one.

          Later, my parents doubted that, another tenant who lives next to our portion had stolen the money. They came to conclusion, that the culprit was him. I just felt good, after I heard the news.

           One fine night... it was around 9:00 pm, I think. Dad called me to come into the master bed room alone, while we(Me and Jagan(bro)) were playing at outside. Mom sat beside him. They asked me again the same question, Didn't you steal the money, right? and said

* I want to translate
 those words into తెలుగు, which affects here much.

             "మనం చనిపోయే వరుకు, చాలా నీతిగా బతకాలి, ఎవరి చేత వేలెత్తి చూపించే పనులు చెయ్యకూడదు ...." and make promise on us "ఎప్పుడు దొంగతనం చెయ్యనని, సిగరెట్టే కానీ, మందు(Liquir) కానీ అలవాటు  చేసుకోనని", "మేము బ్రతికినంత వరుకు, ఎవరకి తల దించుకునే పనులు  చెయ్యనని......."

           I am back to work after that.

           It was an age of around 8 or 9, when I kept those promises. I know, those promises were not taken seriously at that age. Of course, I too didn't. But when I got in the life crossways, I adhered to the promises unconsciously. Those words would get into the 'cache' part of my mind, when I am in the wrong way. That's make me, till now, not to smoke nor drink. Really, I never smoked or drunk.

           For my parents: If the promises make them happy, I am ready to give as many. And regarding head-down things, my parents don't like Love Marriages. Of course, no parent will take a grant of it. But, I want to make them happy at least(That's all I can do). So, I just sealed my plethora of love for my coming would-be. Hope, HE will give a nice and understandable wife to me. That's not the only reason to keep a distance from love, the surroundings I grown up, my parents' preachings, cases I had seen..... I just kept the love at arm length..... If not, I will be fell down. hehehehe!!!  Just kidding...!! I will tell you in the coming posts, why I am arm length to every-one.