Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Hangout place..!!

       If you go the same place for each and every time, may be for some days or for some years, you feel bored... But for me, there is only one place I know, which I never got bored. I had been visiting  the same place since 24 years for every year. Its my grand mother's town. Did, I say its my grand mother's town.... Yes, I said it correctly.. its my grand mother's town only.... because, I love this place, because, she lives there in the town.

      And I know 'only' this place to hangout for holidays....We wait for a summer in the whole year to visit this place.. there will be no restrictions.. no boss.... no objections... I feel like, I got Freedom..especially, there would be no dad in that place.. Apart, I enjoy with the family members.... play for the whole day.... lick the candy ice-creams as many from the vendors in the whole day who come across our street, watch a matinee show which starts in the noon....mostly my favourite actor Sr. NTR movies(I am fond of him, bcoz of my dad's influence) and can squeeze the full ripen mangoes as a evening snack...and in the night after the dinner, we lay in the grandmothers couch to listen her sweet stories and we can clarify as many doubts as that stroked in our minds. That's the our whole one day plan in the span of summer. How can I miss those enjoyable days?

       Of course, the days will always never be the same....I often visit my grandma's town for two reasons... One I can play with my cousin's and Two for my grand mother's care. Sometimes, my uncles plan for a tour to Tirupathi.....its their yearly prosaic.. After the two days of my arrival, they got departure to the Tirupathi.. I spend the lonely days in the town... I used to collect the small coconuts that fall on each day.. and lined up to count how many days was left to see them again. My lonely days are spent, they come, I will back to my home. Sometimes, I used to cry, why I am not a part with them to share in the journey. Neither, I never asked them, nor to my dad too. But I thought to ask them every time, for a reason, why they left us apart.

       In those lonely days, I am under grandma's care, the only reason left to be in the town now. She is nice at cooking. I never forget her dosa's. Now my mind is rolling up with the dosa's. Yummy...!! She always used to share the incidents about my Big B(Big Brother, Subbu). I resemble in him, like he used to sit in the same place with same posture..... uttering same words.... she used to compare me with him sometimes...                                        
                         Once, I have been annoying her since morning.... I didnt remember the reason...But, I can say, I am almost squeezed her patience.... she scolds me "mondodu"...  at last, she place a guava in my hand and I stopped crying.

       This is all my memories I can share. But for this year, I visited the home town for the last visit of her death ceremony. She is no more. Why my eyes got wet now? I cried after that for so-many days in her memory. I used to wind-up the memories with her. Every time, it makes me to cry. And also, we missed our holy day - SRI RAMA NAVAMI....this year. Its our mundane to go to our home town on this day and spend the whole day in joy and gift an item to my grandma at the End of the Day. May be, in the coming years, we often visit the town but never left the place with out remembering you, I swear.