Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Movie in Big Screen.

           It was one of the fine morning in old school....The Principal has already completed his rounds. And everything is went on as usual. In the mid of the day, we got a circular stating that "We are planning for a kids show in the Gangaratnam theatre. The movie name called Godzilla(I didn't remember, which series it fits). Give the names to the class teacher those who are interested. Tomorrow will be last date."  Everything is fine up-to the content till now. The real problem is here. They not gonna allow the free service, they charge for it. The Movie Fare is Rs. 5. They will book the tickets for the show, from whom they got a fare.

            I had given my name. The day has come and watched my first movie in the theater. Its insipid right. I didn't start this page to scribble these lines. Here is the scene.

            At the age of 10's we are under the provision of some ones care or order like, in the schools we should take a permission from the teacher even to go for a pee, at home I need a permission/order from my dad, if something should happen(I mean, I need to inform them that I am going to somewhere). For the money matters, its mandatory. But I took a decision without his concern. And I need money for a movie ticket. The confidence plays crazy role in my life. I thought about I can pilfer the fare from my mom. The same has done.

          Next day, I steal money from my moms usual secret place where I find some change everyday. Just took the Rs.5 change and booked my slot. And also I informed to my mom, I am going to movie. My confidence had worked explicitly till now. Then who will inform to my dad. My mom had already down his hand.

          Finally the day came. Actual planning of the school management is we should assemble at school by 7.30 am. From there they guide us to the movie theater. The show is at 8'o clock. I feared to tell to my dad. But gathered my guts to disclose the scene on the day. Done. I had received some blessings....
          Of course, finally my dad has also thought about the positive side. He left me at the school. We are already late due to blessings from my God(dad). The guard insisted to go directly to the theater. We do. Finally the enjoyment of big screens started from the Godzilla.......!!!

          Till my secondary school, I am less often watch movies in theater. I can count on my finger tips. But the most enjoyed part in my life is the OKKADU movie. Still I have that tickets.

Okkadu movie ticket(2003)