Friday, May 25, 2012

Everlasting Shadow........!!!

         Some one had entered in your life without your notice and every time he is back of you like a shadow and greets you first on your birthday, speaks open to you at all times, taking care you all times... if that person comes in your life....Will you leave him because yourself don't return much love to him??

         I don't know about others.... but I never lose him. I don't know when he entered into my life. But as per my memory, it was my 12th birthday....As his routines, dad bought the chocolates and some stuff for the birthday. Of Course, we never cut the cakes for the birthday's(its my mom custom, she do pooja's in the month of august). So, after taking the blessings from both of them, dad will take a snap for every birthday. It is his custom. That is the day, when taking the snap, a person reluctantly entered into the snap... Don't afraid he is not the demon. You will know at the end of this post. That is my first snap with a friend, I think. I still have that snap. Since to those days, he will come to my house sharp at 8'o clock and we go together to school by bicycles.

            Since he left our school and moved to another, he never left me alone. He is a big spendthrift. It is our daily mundane to eat bajji's after the school. Frankly say, I never spend rupees for him, every time he have a high hand. He spend nearly Rs. 100/-  per day at that age.

           He is a very 'hard'worker, in those days, we got the stuff(unworking electronic) from one of our classmate and try to innovate the things. I can heart fully say, he is one of the inspiring people, not from one of the people, he is the solo inspiring one that bought the taste in me for the Electronics. He is good at Engineering.

         In our 15 years of friendship, we never in combat, we never have harsh words on each other, its always a smooth journey. There is never a mistake from his side, but from my side. I always forgot to wish him on his birthday but he wishes exactly on first minute on my birthday, I never spend a money for him, not even buy a gift on his birthday but he's not, I am not sure I can help if I called him on mid night but I have a confidence on him, he will. He has that much love on me.

        Even for this year, I missed to wish him. Today is his birthday. Actually every time he waits for my wish, but I don't know why, I always miss a wish. For the last time also I had missed wishing at 12'o clock and called him at the morning. I asked for apologized, but he said one word that soothed my heart "మన యిద్దరి మధ్య విషెస్ ఎందుకురా ??".

        Whatever, HE had given me a sweet friend.