Saturday, June 2, 2012

An interesting geek, my small Grand Fa..!!

       Can you make a Cupboard with the pile of match boxes??
       Can you make a productive things from the unused ones???

           God doesn't give all the capabilities to all of them. Some persons are blessed by birth. He is one of those kind. He is my small Grand Fa., a disability person with an utmost intelligence.

           He died, when I was 14. I still remember him, his works, his words and some memories with him. Just some of those bunch for you. Its our playful days in our home town(Moturu), busy with our games of world. Suddenly, my second elder sister came in a split second and asked us "Does any one dropped this Rs. 100/- note?". We said, "hmmm-huuuuuuuuu". Of course, it is not our deal. And to be frank, we are not fond of money at the age, but for games. we are busy with the rounding turns in the game. After that we came to know that Rs. 100/-  doesn't belong to none. How come? Here it is?

           Its a grand work of my small Grand Fa. He checked how many members will trap for his bait, to get the weak personalities. But no one trapped. Whatever may be, it got stick around in my mind. Finding the right ones? That inspired me. Some times, I play tricks to test the pals. But I got the negative repercussions, but i'm satisfied with the results. In this sense, I am weird, got from my grand fa.

             He is also a good player of 9 pics game(we call it as DADDY game). He is a versatile game player. We kids always tries to compete with him (in the game). But we never won. On one of the fine good day, I am about in the last step to conquer him. Just two more intellectual moves can close the game(as per me). I am trying to figure out the best moves that I can make. But I am as much serious as Viswanathan Anand at that time about my moves. Suddenly, the master(Grand Fa) gave up. I won. Yes. I won. That's my first ever victory. Its a miracle. I think, we next played a couple of games, some he gave up, more I lost.

           He always used the things in a well productive way. He made a cup board with the use of match boxes. He is an ambidextrous. He is one of my those inspiring ones.

          One more memory I can remember, once we all went to our mango farms in summer. It is around 60- 70 kms from our home town. we started after the midnight in a tractor, and traveled for a first miles which I can remember later I slept and got up when there are a few miles to reach the destination. Our task is to pluck the mangoes and rode to our home town. That is the first best journey with him, I remember.