Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Night Outs..!!!

It's not an engineering night outs. But we had started the night outs, at the age of the 14, not for the studies, but tag has the name"Night Outs". I can surely say, out of my 14 years of schooling, I had spent most happily in those last a few days of schooling.

Hmm....Let me not in brief,

From where I have to start, yes, I am starting with the evening study hours. Actually the school final bell rang at the evening 4:30. After that we have a time of an hour or more for refreshment and the night study hours will start at the 6pm. There starts our "blabbering" of our home works. I remember we have a dairy of 6 columns of the each subject and engraved with the today's tasks. We need to clean up all the things and have a sign off of each subjects from the "Evening Instructor". Of Course, big head peoples will complete by 7:30 pm but for the guys like half - head like me, takes some more time. At last, we need to complete our assignments, mostly and hardly before 9pm. Later leave to the home.

But I didn't remember when I had started these "Night outs". But the same smell of school would hit the nose, with a gap of another one hour. There we starts....

Mostly we come here to play the games, the power encourages us, to go for mad. We play different types of games. The darker the night, the deeper the game. I remember, at that time, I used to carry one torch light powered with 3 AA batteries. Actually dad insisted me, to use for a way in the dark road, but we re-used to catch the thieves in the THIEF-POLICE game. Mostly hostelers were the partners in the game. A part of them, Srinu, Sugosh, Firoz, Rameez, Srikanth were the outsiders of school and insiders to the game. Apologies, If I missed any one.

And suddenly we had started one sort of wrestling games. I mostly partnered with Kishore. Still, my ear have those words, "Ee Nag'gadu kanapadadu gani, veedi daggara chala balam undira" in an prudish child manner. Another pair, if I remember, Srinu and Sugosh, one more pair with Rameez, but I didn't remember his opponent.

And since my years of schooling, I have a bond with the hostelers in sharing the home food. I remember, the batch includes Kasi, Murali and some others. And another person who spendthrifts money on food is Suresh. Badly, I never remembered whether I had shared with him or not, taking the biased one to my side.

Those were my most unforgettable days @ Night outs that will never get out of my mind.