Friday, November 2, 2012

"I"... "Luv"... "U"

"I Luv U".....

These five letter word fire the hearts of the youth and it is born for Sacrifice. This is all, I have experienced from my past 25 years. So many love-birds, some got shredded and some got shattered with no peck, finally, I can count those successful sacrificed pairs. On the other face, Some feel it as burden, some people enjoy their relationships, whatever may be, I am not in that line.

That is all I left, my nostalgic feeling. But, I am not interested in "Love" surely. I mean, I don't like that cross-way or I don't know how to reach that road. Frankly, I'm not from such environment, its insipid for me.

Hmmm.... In real, this is not, I want to say.....

I had wrote so many quotes and tags, all are related my "longing" feeling. But, generally people felt that I am failure in Love. Actually my intention is, I am just giving a form to my THOUGHTS not "feelings" (in words). That doesn't mean, I failed in something. I write in general. I think, the problem is in understanding. Let take an example "I Love You". I wrote this word keeping in mind, "you" as ALL. But you will understand as "Someone". There is the problem, You ask what happened? or who is She? I have no answers for that. Or I will reply as "Feelings have no Reasons". Nice Escape.

Finally, I am done. I had my view and expressed now.

Still, I am bit confusing, between my "longing" and "practicality". But I don't care. I am ready to move forward what HE wants to put in my life with a patience.

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