Thursday, September 17, 2015

Irresponsible Son!!!

This was happened long back. A boy took his journey after holidays at home.

It was a short journey to his way back to the routine daily college life. But that day was a little bit different. He was waiting for a train at the station. The train whistle reaches the ear and observed the crowded people fills the gaps between the seats. With his little cut-out, he could fit to any place and could transform his body to the available space.

An half way journey was over. People on boarding and off boarding ratio seems to be the same. He was almost looks like a statue in his place. But a half an hour later, an old couple boarded to the train. He took a gaze at the old people.

The old man had a plaster on his eye and old lady helped him to find a place for him. She was carrying the reports in her hands. It seems the couple came to the city for an eye check up. They settled near to the place where the guy was standing.

The old lady looks very upset and sharing her grieves to her daughter. The daughter patiently listening to all her words and giving acknowledgements with sounds. The guy over hearing all the conversations and showed a pity for the old couple

The train was half crowded after a couple of stations. He got a place to sit, near the first row. But still it is a short distance to continue to over hear the old lady conversation. The old man too got a place in the seats near to the guy. But still the old lady conversation seems to be un-ending. The guy's mind was running on something, why couldn't government could give some pensions to them? Even if they have pensioned by the government, whether it full filling their needs? His sensitive heart moved one step ahead. I will build one old home for them in future, where they could live happily at their last days.

But before that, he want something to do right now. He sighed to old lady daughter, they can sit in his place. She helped to hold her mother. The guy also stood and helped to make her stand. But the old lady, couldn't. Her legs seems to be weak. She discarded her try and settled down at the same place. And he pulled the guy down and enquired where u were going? He replied to her question. And she started her conversation with the boy. She told about the old man, where he lost his sight and we took the hospital for the eye check-up. They told his eyes needs an operation, which costs a lakhs for it. They had a son, who not about bothered them. She pointed to the lady, she is my daughter and she is the only hope for us now. And she is looking after them. The boy showed pity on them and at the same time he cursed her son. The old lady started crying after sharing to the boy. The boy patiently listened to her words as her daughter did.

The daughter sighed to them to get ready that they need to get down in the next station. The old lady hold the boy chin, and said, "take care of your parents. Never leave them. Don't be like my son".
The final words from the old lady touched the heart.

That boy is present story narrator. This is one of the reason, that provoked to do something for them. There my search has been started. From there, the interest for the social service started.