Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Sisters...!!!

"India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give my parents, teachers and elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness."

We used to say this pledge everyday in our school prayer. We often call each other as brothers and sisters in our class. Hey, what am I saying? why did I start this post?? Oh...OK. Here it is. I need to introduce a few people.. sorry "CHEKKA's" to you. Don't embarrass for the word. I will explain you later.

I never expect that these three friends come in my life. Each having their uniqueness. One of them, will look same as me. You may doubt that are you brother and sister? Even, some of my teachers ask us the same. The second is the sweet and short younger sister(CHELLI). No doubt, I can call her a little sister. Another one is the tall and stout one. Obviously elder sister(AKKA).

They often come and go in groups. Inseparable bonds between them. So, I used to tease them as CHEKKA's - Pick the First Letter from the word CHELLI and Second letter from the word AKKA. and make it as CHEKKA's. What a creativity, right??. They didn't stay calm for my teasing. They call me as THOKKA, name coined by younger sister. 

I was memorizing those days. It's night study hours. Before the power is up, we boys and gals sat separately and busy in completing that days work. Sometimes, the power will down and we manage under the candle lights. At the time, these three sat together and one fellow will add in the group, he is Suresh and later this blogger will make the count as five. Don't take it as negative, when I am starting to cope-up with them, they stop murmuring and stop their secrets. Never bothered. Of Course, later I came to know that secrets. In the life crossways, each hold their positions on own. Now, I missed them. To be frank, even for the not serious, I called them as SISTER's. But none after them.

Today is my younger Chekka's birthday. 

"Happy Birthday" to you ra. It dedicates to you Deepika.

 Those three are Divya, Deepika and Siva Sravani.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What I cant is...!!

"I am a boring personality. I cant deliver the punching-lines. I cant make you smile. I cant show you my care/love as I am emotionless. Shortly, I didn't deserve for..........."

I am 24 now. I gained millions of experiences in my life. But still, I didn't learn some things in my life. So many Cant's had left in my life. Probably, it is my intention that I want you know about me. Mention: ABOUT ME.

I know the perception changes for every individual. What you may love, others can't. But He left some people with the same tastes to become friends. And He made a stage for everyone. What the truth is,  I didn't showed well my part on that stage. Sadly, My School Life is one of those stage. I didn't marked myself, I led a stranger role till my 9th standard. Of Course, Surroundings/Living place is the main culprit. But suddenly, I stood in between the rankers. Placed at 6th. As a student, I made a mark "A Benevolent Guy". But, after my secondary, just checked myself, does anyone stood behind me(to share, to care, to love). No one.

Intermediate - Thank God, I have my tenth mate besides me. But I didn't entertain him. We are not of the same shoes. My fault is 90%. In that short duration, I didn't make other friends too. I am insipid.

Graduation - When the brain got the ages, I have a strong belief, I am in-born Introvert. I tried to maintain that attribute. But at last, I found some people as friends, who aren't my type.

Now I figured out, the fault is in me. My Expectations. I need a friend who calls me on one day and ask sole fully about me. Mention, Only about me. Of Course, I welcome for their needs/expectations, but this is not what I am expecting from my side. OK. Have an example, after so many years, one of my friend called me, asked for others number and hang down the phone. That's it. Am I Telephone Directory?? After that, I stopped collecting friends' numbers. I don't need the friends like them. But what the bitter truth is "Real is always one step down of our expectations". So, this is my curse.

So, what I cant is a normal "friendship". Mentioned in the first lines are my weakness.