Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Every New Year

The New year's style has changed what I seen before. I just want to scribble the changes I have seen for every new year in my life.

Till 2003: I still remember one of my friend by searching all the roads and finally got me to hand a small greeting card. He is my school mate "Kali". He stuck up in my mind on that day. Unfortunately, I missed that card. Actually he is new to the roads and that too my house is very new. But I am happy that I got a card. And not only in my friends circle, we exchange a couple of cards every year in our family too. Still I have the hard copies and also kept the soft copies for not letting to die in history.

2003 - The year I have completed my school. That was the last year for every one to share and pour love one each other. I have added a couple of cards below. The first one has its own importance, no need to tell about that. For the new readers, the importance is due to its age. As old wine and old friends are always good. This card fits in that way. I am protecting it from 18 years. And all the below cards are from my 2003 batch.

Don't mistake me that all the cards are from girls only, on that year really I got less cards from boys. Its not my mistake too. 

2005 - That is my Intermediate pass-out year. It is almost the age where we hear the ringtones but it is land-line not the mobiles. I could say that the phones over-ride the greeting cards at that time. Literally, we used to it. That age was gone. Even the changes has been crawled in my family too.
* The words died at the receiver's end, I am unable to capture and keep it for safe.

2009 - It is my Engineering pass-out year. There are drastic changes in our wishes. The SMS ruled over those ages. Still, I remember that I loaded with tons of texts in my mobile and sent across over my 100's of contacts.
* Hope I am successful in saving these memories with our handy software. But unable to change into compatible form and show case to you now.

2011 - The carrier networks started charging the huge rates on special days. People went back and tried to call on mobiles. I remember, I thought to call all my buddies to wish, but I didn't find my space to place a call in the bandwidth. However, I ended up with only a few calls. That too, this makes me to selective in the list. No other way to do. Even though we are too improved in Internet, but we are not used to it. May be, it is not accessible to every one, but mobiles chooses it place at that times.
* Badly, the wishes has been decreased along with the people.

2013 - People are very fond on sending wishes on FB and WhatsApp networks now. It is good to reach so many people at the fraction of seconds, but I didn't find the life in it. Lazy people ends with just reading it and some people will reply a forced text "Same to you/Thanks". Nothing more than that.

In this way I have seen a degrade of love on each other, true in hearty wishes, courtesy of people from every new year. But we are changing ourselves to the changes in society. I don't say it is bad, but that love and care is missing in the following years. I will never object for the change outwardly, but I never accept the change in inner truth.

That's all guys, hope it is lengthy, tired of reading, but don't forgot to post your views.